WordPress development, consulting and training specialists

We empower you to be in control!

Our specialty is helping you to create the website of your dreams.

We can do if for you  or we can do it side by side with you. Many of our clients have the goal of taking over control of their website once we get it up and running.

You want a web presence for your business? You want to build a website but you don’t know where to begin? And you want something you can maintain and easily update yourself?

We Can Help

“Before embarking on a journey of a thousand clicks, you may want to choose your companions wisely.”


We are specialists in WordPress website development, maintaining existing WordPress sites, and helping others develop and maintain their own websites.

We are experienced teachers with extensive knowledge of Microsoft Windows and Office applications.

Our clients enthusiastically endorse our work


For those who don’t have the time to handle the technical side of getting their website up and running, we can develop the site while you continue involvement in the design and content. You remain the owner of your site with access to all logins and passwords. We recommend WordPress to get your site up quickly and to allow easy updating and maintenance.

Site Maintenance

We can quickly make updates and modifications to your WordPress website. Whether we developed your website or you already have an existing WordPress website but find yourself too busy to do it yourself, we can get your site up-to-date.


We offer consulting services on website development for those who want to be hands-on in the entire development process of your website.

We can assist you in a full spectrum of Microsoft Windows and Office issues. This can include problems with your Window computer environment, offer ways to improve Word Documents formatting, or help you write scripts in you Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that go beyond simple formulas.


We provide training in the entire website development process from finding a host service to going live with your site.

We can also provide training in Microsoft Office applications.


Your Salty Angels

Nanette Harter

With a Master’s degree in computer science, Nanette has done software development, technical marketing, taught college computer courses, and developed websites in both HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and WordPress for individuals and businesses.

Her current focus is on developing WordPress websites, consulting on updating and maintenance of websites, training on Office and Windows systems applications, and developing courses on WordPress as a website development platform.

Neil Rhoads

Since his B.S in Physics and M.S. in Biochemistry, Neil has worked extensively in software development, scientific research, databases and data analysis, and Android app development. He has taught college courses in programming and computer skills.

He is currently working on data analysis for a second scientific paper concerning water quality around our beautiful island.


“Nanette Harter has been my techie angel for more than a decade, and I highly recommend her services. Her knowledge, expertise, patience, and kindness seem boundless, and I’m very grateful to her for helping me with all my computer needs. I like doing things for myself, so Nanette graciously allowed me to look over her shoulder while she designed my website.  She taught me as she went along, slowing down to answer all my questions until I understood the program basics, and because of her thorough instructions and positive coaching, I can confidently edit my website on my own now. Whenever I need computer advice or assistance, I call Nanette Harter. She’s simply wonderful.”
Annie Katz, Novelist, Amazon Author


“When creating a website for my art business, I had very specific and custom ideas, but not a clue how to create it. With Nan’s help guiding me through many options along with her technical expertise, I was able to create exactly what I wanted.”


“Nan is a brilliant technician when it comes to constructing and modifying websites.  She has worked with me on my site KeikiAnanda.com for over three years and has improved it radically.  I am so grateful that I have someone like her who knows so much and can communicate her knowledge so effectively and practically.”


“When I came to Nan and told her I wanted to make a website for my work, I was living internationally and had little access to web resources. She asked what domain I wanted and within the week I had a beautiful and fully functioning website and instructions on how to edit it. Nan is very effective, precise, and pays exquisite attention to detail and the needs of her clients. She is excellent at working remotely through skype, phone and email as well. I highly recommend her for all your technical needs.”
Mailea Miller-Pierce, PhD candidate, Washington State University, EcoOak.org


“Nanette has worked with me on Microsoft Word, Excel, and email applications for the past several years. She is an excellent teacher and has me sit at the keyboard so I learn by doing rather than watching her do it. She comes to my home where I can work on my computer doing just the things I want to accomplish. I highly recommend Nanette Harter as a consultant and trainer if you are getting started on a new computer or just need a refresher on an application.”
Linda Ann Uemori, Art Maui Committee